21 Days to Better Health: Interview with Monica Klausner of Veestro

GG Hangout with Monica Klausner of Veestro: Monica will share about a new offering of meal deliveries.


Transcription of interview:
Speaker 2: Hi everybody. This is Robert Jacobson from Gather Green and I’m with Monica Klausner of Veestro. Good day!

Speaker 1: Hi Robert, how are you?

Speaker 2: I’m doing great Monica. Thanks so much for joining us. So this is our second hangout. It’s, we’re getting a lot better at this. It’s becoming a little easier each time we’re doing one.

Speaker 1: At least we’re trying.

Speaker 2: We’re trying. Yeah, we’re making use of the technology. So we have a new offering today that we’re going to be sharing to Gather Green subscribers. A 21 day challenge. Want to tell us a bit about that?

Speaker 1: Yeah. So we created this 21 day challenge because a lot of people are interested in kind of jump starting their body into a new healthy lifestyle — or healthier lifestyle. And, they just don’t really know where to start. So, you know, it takes 21 days to form a specific habit. So we figured, if we put a package together that allows you to eat one healthy meal a day, for 21 days, then it will give you that push that you need to kind of get you in the habit of eating healthier.

So, we made it pretty flexible. You know, we created it with 21 meals and six juices. So the juices can be used to get a cleanse going, to kind of just like get you started. So you would drink, you know, the juices for two days and then get started with the food. Or you can just use the juice as breakfast or with breakfast or as a snack. And just kind of go along with it.

Speaker 2: Terrific. So everybody, check out Veestro.com. That’s V as in Victor, Veestro.com and GatherGreen.com so you can get all the details on this great deal. We don’t want to share everything so you got to check it out.

And make sure to, you know, if you like this company and end up buying the deal, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter. You know, follow them on social media. And the really — one thing I love about Veestro is ship, you include shipping.

Speaker 1: Yes. Actually this package is a particularly interesting package because it will get you started on a road to a, you know, better health. But once you get done with this, what you can do is come back to us and just basically pick and choose the things that you like. Or do another 21 day challenge. Or we are about to launch a subscription-based weight loss plan. So there’s a lot of exciting things coming up for Veestro. So check us out!

Speaker 2: Well everybody, check out Veestro. And Monica — we had Monica Klausner, co-founder of Veestro. We want to thank you very much for joining us today. And we are looking forward to hopefully our next one having an in-kitchen visit which,

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: Which would be a fun, future hang out.

Speaker 1: That would be great. Anytime Robert. Thank you so much.

Speaker 2: Thanks Monica.

Speaker 1: Bye.

Speaker 2: Bye.


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