Chocolate as Functional Medicine: YES CACAO

GatherGreen Hangout with Justin Polgar, Founder of Yes Cacao.



Speaker 1: Hello everybody. This is Robert Jacobson from GatherGreen and I’m with Justin Polgar of Yes Cacao. Good afternoon Justin.

Speaker 2: Yes, yes, yes, it is a good afternoon.

Speaker 1: How are you doing?

Speaker 2: I’m feeling pretty fresh, pretty renewed. I mean as far as breathing, that’ good. I’m hydrated. That’s also good. So check, check, I’ve eaten a good dose of chocolate today so that’s also doing good.

Speaker 1: So chocolate is our theme today. So Justin you have a special brand that you have been working on for a number of years that your, wonderfully gifted world. And tell us a bit about your medicine bars, your special chocolate from yes cacao.

Speaker 2: So, something that we have going on is original medicine bars here. Something that I was trying to figure out exactly what it is that these bars are called because what we are doing is we are taking wild cacao and we are infusing medicinal herbs into the cacao, so what is that called? Is it a chocolate bar? Yes, but it’s also kind of like this herbal daily dose of your herbal medicine. OK cool so what do we call it? It’s called an original medicine bar. The beauty of that is a) original we are talking about original medicine not our allopathic pharmaceutical medicine so we are redefining that. Original as in we are going back and using ayurvedic herbs, Taoist herbs South American superfoods really old school herbs and medicines and then it’s also original in that these are original formulas that came through me. I am very grateful to have a sensitive palette and a sensitive vessel here. Yeah, original medicine bars is what we came up with as our offering for now at least.

Speaker 1: And you just had the privilege of taking a little business trip down to Ecuador. You have to get your beans somewhere and you have to do some of your own original research on the ground. Tell us about your experience in Ecuador and what you did there and why you went.

Speaker 2: Well, in continuing, it’s important for me to have clarity about what I am doing, what I am offering to be able to speak from a continually strengthened integrity. I want to know what’s going on down there so sometimes we have to bite the bullet so to say. We have to take important trips and sacrifice our time and go down to tropical Ecuadorial countries and explore. In this case really what I was there to explore I really wanted to make a connection with the land with the beans themselves and with the source which is a unique source because we are getting it from the wild meaning this is wild cacao. We are not working with farms which I can go on with and there are some blog posts and there will be more blog posts going into the details why I believe that working with wild cacao has some benefits. And GatherGreen customers you guys are conscious pretty awake peeps so you are aware that when you put good things in your body good things come out in your expressions so yeah I went to Ecuador to explore and got to see some donkeys taking down like sugar cane from volcanic soil which is beautiful knowing that goes into the chocolate that we are using. Also, harvesting some wild cacao and feeling really connected to the, just really, really connected to the source of it and something else I leaned while I was down there is the importance of the fermentation process which there’s a lot of controversy and also a lot of conversation more so around how you ferment chocolate to bring it to its absolute best really to make it so it’s most beneficial to humans. And part of the process of the fermentation is cultivating the microorganmistic [sp] activity the live in the cacao that opens the pineal gland. That’s what we are really going for. We want chocolate for waking up. So that along with the herbs really helps a lot.

Speaker 1: So once you get these beans and you bring them back to your magic lab, what are some of the flavors that you currently have going? I know it there but I think people at home need to try them because they are wonderful.

Speaker 2: They are truly unique in the flavor profile and then as well in your experience in the physiological sensation. I am really a fan of instead of saying there are things in these chocolate bars I want people to really feel. I want you to eat the bar, you make a wish you take a bite. It’s the only rule and I want you to feel in your body the sensation of shifting into a better version of yourself. A more awake, a more alive version.

We have three bars that we currently offer. The dirty chocolate bar which is the original bar of yes cacao. And it’s a very grounding bar it has shalijit in it which is the conqueror of mountains, destroyer of weakness also has Tulsi which a lot of people are familiar with. Tulsi is like an analog of an anti anxiety. So those are the king and queen of ayurveda also we use Reishi mushroom so for those mycologists out there and fans of the mycelial world this mushroom is just spectacular for both opening up your connection and then strengthening your immune system. It also has a peppermint fennel thing going on which is really nice.

Then another bar we have is the caramel which happens to be the best seller. It’s a golden chocolate bar. There is just nothing like it in the flavor profile. When I ask people so what does this taste like to you? I get a lot of like this reminds me when I was 5 years old at this campfire. So I get like this smore thing. Some people think it’s graham crackers. Sometimes it’s caramel. Sometimes it’s like is that spicy or is that sweet. It’s got a whole profile. That one is all brain food functionality. So that’s actually we are using a 96% curcumin cold water extracted turmeric, it’s a medicinal grade turmeric in the chocolate to open up the flow of blood and oxygen to the back of the brain where we then use other herbs like bacopa and lions mane mushroom and gingko to clear up the synaptic channels so you are actually thinking a little bit more on your feet and able to pull things out of the amazing mind that you have there. And then the last bar that we put together is Gaba Baba which is fun to say. You guys can

Speaker1: Gaba Baba

Speaker 2: Chant that out as much as you want. Gaba relaxation bar, that one is allowing us to pull out of fight or flight. Gaba is gamma amino butyric acid which is a naturally produced hormone in our brain that balances melatonin and serotonin. When we can be really relaxed that’s when the creativity flows. This is also a bar that you can eat right before you go to sleep. Because of the relaxation of the gaba and it also has kava kava and blues lotus you are cruising

Speaker 1: Good stuff

Speaker 2: We are super stoked to team up with gathergreen and offer some deals if you will on these bars.

Speaker 1: Everybody you want to learn more at yes and we will be offering some periodic promotions of yes cacao via but it’s really something you can read about it. Justin does a wonderful way of articulating about this but until you really experience it, it is different than any chocolate that you find out there. I say that. I’ve enjoyed all of them and even some of them that predate days of you making some of the bars so I’ve tasted the alchemist, I guess some of your roots.

Speaker 2: It’s an evolution all of my fans and family of fans of yes cacao who witnessed the evolution and especially now we moved into a new production facility and updated our equipment so the texture, the smoothness of bars has come a long way which is great for palatability and to draw out the flavors. .Some people like chocolate as a candy some like a healthy snack now that we are learning about antioxidants in dark chocolate. I choose chocolate more as a staple food and more of something this is daily dose. This is my vehicle to get my herbs. If I get to eat chocolate and get the herbs that are maintaining my ability to be awake, aware enthusiastic and alive say yes to life that’s win win win win win so come win with us.

I know we have a deal where we have one of each so you get like a variety pack so one Dirty, 1 one Karma Mellowl, 1 Gaba Baba, and I believe that’s $15.99 and we are doing free shipping as well. So that’s the deal. As well we are also doing a deal with an 18 pack. Anyone who is familiar with taking herbs, it just gets better. The more regular that you eat the bars, the more regular that you take these herbs, the more compounded the effects are, the more natural way of living in your power, in your yes as we like to say it.

Speaker 1: Justin, wonderful. Thank you very much for joining us. Again we have Justin from yes cacao. I want everyone to check out yescacao.ocom and go to so you can take advantage of this wonderful introduction from yes cacao. Oh wow look that is the grounding bar so you have got some dirty chocolate there.

Speaker 2: little cameo there

Speaker 1: Yeah there you go. He has got a cool design too. The packaging is definitely. I like, well you guys have to experience it for yourself.

Speaker 2: Jump on the yes train just come over

Speaker 1: That’s right. Thanks Justin.

Speaker 2: Thank, Robert, always a pleasure to hang out.

Speaker 1: Until the next hangout. Bye everybody.

Speaker 2: Bye gathergreeners

Speaker 1:And subscribe to us here on youtube channel. Go to Youtube/gathergreen. A little shameless self promotion. Alright, ciao.

Speaker 2: Ciao Ciao


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