Non Toxic Hair Services: Shades Salon


Robert Jacobson:  Hi, this is Robert Jacobson with GatherGreen and I’m with Jeremiah Williams, of Shades Natural Color Studios in Beverly Hills, California.  Good afternoon Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Williams:  Hey.

Robert Jacobson:  How are you doing today?

Jeremiah Williams:  Doing well and yourself?

Robert Jacobson:  Very well, great.  Well thank you very much for joining us.  We’re working in an area that we’ve done a little bit in the past.  We’re kind of doing something new, which is sort of non-toxic hair services.  And because a lot of people don’t think they realize that there’s a lot of nasty chemicals when it comes to hair treatment, hair coloring.   And can you share a little bit about like, you know, what the differences in your practice between I guess conventional styles of hair services.

Jeremiah Williams:  Yes.  Well I have been working with, with conventional hair color for years and years now and getting it all over myself and breathing it in.  And I’ve always been very aware that it is full of some pretty noxious, questionable, pretty sketchy stuff.  And Susan Henry who owns Shades Salon, who created Susan Henry’s Natural Process Color which we used there, has been a colorist for about as long as I’ve been alive.  And she developed ammonia poisoning.  And got so ill that she had to stop doing hair.  And that’s when she started trying to cook up natural color in her kitchen.  And now, over a decade later, we have an excellent non-toxic color line and ammonia-free salon.

Robert Jacobson:  Terrific.  And now, are there any, when a client comes in experiences, goes for a coloring, a cut and color, is there going to be anything that’s going to be — are they going to notice anything different?  You know, are the smells different, or the lack of smells different?  And in terms of durability, you know with roots and that sort of thing, how, what would you say about that?

Jeremiah Williams:  Well, one thing that turned out very  nicely with Susan’s Natural Color is that it just so happens to stick even better than the normal colors that I’m used to using.  Which is amazing.  So we have to let them process on your hair a little bit longer.  And we use heat, which is normal for all colors.  But it’s incredible how well it sticks.

And people do often remark on the lack of smell.  They’ll walk in and say wow, there is no offensive — there is no unnatural, chemical smells in here, I love it.  And you can actually stick your face up to a bowl of color that I’m using on your hair, and take a good huff and you won’t smell anything, other than a little funky natural kind of an organic smell.  Which is wonderful.

So I get it all over my hands and breath it all the time and it really feels like a positive thing not to have that — those harsh chemicals and petroleum byproduct smells that I’m used to.  And I really love being able to be in that environment and feel good about what I’m putting on peoples’ heads.

Robert Jacobson:  That’s terrific.  So Jeremiah, you were working with conventional products for a while and then you’ve made the switch.  Is it difficult to go as just a — you know, when you are getting your hair or is it difficult for you to go back to the salon when you smell the aerosols.  Is it like once you go this way, is it more difficult to go back.

Jeremiah Williams:  I think so.  I think that’s true.  Yeah, and I think it’s the same for clients if they move, if they find themselves somewhere else then they’ll get online and they’ll start ordering our color from us and trying to get another stylist to put it on their head.  Or trying to apply it themselves because they don’t want to go back.

Robert Jacobson:  Well everybody I encourage you today to go to where we are featuring Jeremiah Williams of Shades Natural Colors Studio and we’ve got a great promotion on hair services.  So, when you go to you can also, there will also be links to the Shades Hair Salon, where you can see more of the specifics about that.  And, we would love for everybody who’s looking for hair treatment — and I think this includes a blowout as well.  You know the haircuts, if you are going to get a haircut, instead of a color something, that includes a blowout, correct?

Jeremiah Williams:  That’s correct, yes.  And you can use your voucher for any service which also includes our amazing scalp treatment.  So a lot of women find our salon because they’ve been through chemo therapy.  Or have been losing hair for whatever reasons.  And we have, Susan’s developed a beautiful scalp treatment with a blend of essential oils, all natural and it’s incredible to watch clients’ hair return in places where they were losing it.

Also, women who are pregnant find this because they don’t want to put chemicals in their head that they don’t want to live with their roots or their grey hairs.  We even see clients with grey hair and doing scalp treatments regularly and we have actually seen their hair turn back from grey to brown, which is not something that we expected and kind of blew away our minds.

So, you can use your voucher for scalp treatments.  You can use it for a cut which will include an awesome blowout.  You can use it for any color service. So there’s really a lot you can do with it.

Robert Jacobson:  Wonderful Jeremiah.  Well thank you again for joining us today.  I just want to encourage everybody to check out Shades Natural Color Studio promotions with Jeremiah, specifically with Jeremiah Williams, who we are featuring today at

Thank you for your time Jeremiah and we look forward to speaking again soon.

Jeremiah Williams:  Thank you.

Robert Jacobson:  Awesome.  Have a great day.  Bye everybody!

Jeremiah Williams:  Bye bye.


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